Advice To Parents Who Are Considering Registering Their Kids For Tennis Lessons *Ages 4-10  
If you are considering sending your children for kids tennis lessons,and if your kids have themselves expressed interest in learning tennis this is the information you need to read to make introduction of your kids to tennis more fun and exciting for both you and the kid.
Best time for your kid to start playing tennis is at age of 4-6.
Children have shorter attention span and less developed motor skills. In addition, they have higher energy levels and prefer action over theories.Be patient with them learning and allow your kids time to get used to all the motorics of game of tennis.Dont run to conclusions too fast that your kid might be super talented or maybe better fit for another sport. Allow yourself and your kid at least one year of practice before deciding whether tennis is good sport for them or not or whether you ll like to try another sport.
Also please keep in mind that all kids are different,never compare your kid to the other kid from the group.
This is the biggest mistake you can make.All kids learn differently and react differently to assigned excercies.Allow themselves and yourself enough time and space for them to shine and strive on tennis court.Allow them to get used to the new authority on the court*teacher and please be so kind to  always keep in mind that having your kids at tennis practice is the best investment you might be having in your kids future.
Your Kid might easily be Next Novak Djokovic yet if he doesnt become that he is LEARNING:
*Life Consists of both wins and defeats 
How can you help your kid to feel confident in his game :
Its very important early on that you encourage your kid.Tennis is individual sport.Tell him/her every time after practice that you watched that he or she  has played great.
Allow tennis learning to be fun.
Dont think of the money you invest cause you really really are getting huge LIFE benefits from the game of tennis for your kid that if you love your kid theres not enough money u can pay for the Life Skills your kid is acquiring on the tennis court and tournaments later on.
Furthermore in order to ensure your child accelerates his learning curve during the kids tennis lessons in Sarajevo we try  interview, review and even collect feedback from the parents so please be as kind and share as much as you can with us.
Sometimes kids are too shy to share with us what is going through their heads.
Psychology of the coaches and parents  proved itself more important in making champions than has repetitive hours of practice on the tennis court.Ofcourse its important that you dont miss practice.BE RESPONSIBLE YOURSELF .If you signed up your kid for tennis dont skip practice because you are tired after busy day at work.This is the wrong mentality that your kid is picking up and that might backfire later in adolescence when he needs to choose over going to a party or to tennis practice.Show him/her whats his/her priorities by making him and tennis your own priority... 
All this being said lets review what we try to do with  kids who attend our school.
I am pretty sure u as a parent are wondering whether our games and practices are well planned out, or are we just doing the same thing over and over and thinking of games that come up to our head right there on the court.We know that you might be thinking at the early stages especially :Oh i can be doing this myself ..But try to obstain from this temptation at least untill your kid has practiced for a while.Its not smart to buy bucket full of tennis balls and trow the balls to the kid.Yes you can do that too later but always consulting the coach.We have seen tons of bad forheands,and bad backhands or ruined techniques when parents where truying to be coaches to their kids to accelerate learning process.Better instead try having individual lesson with one of our tennis coaches to see what tennis is all about. Parents whom took tennis lessons along side their kids showed greater compassion and greater appreciation of their kids succeses.
And finally lets lay out some of the modules we work by here as well :
Athletic training /Conditioning where kids learn to move on the court through run, shuffle in all directions and shuffle side to side.Definite simple instructions and high interaction actions.In  both winter and summer time we have tennis conditioning lessons along side tennis practices and individual tennis lessons.
Improvement in tackling, throwing and catching skills. Allowing them to throw a swing which allows their tennis partner to continue the game
Racket skills where they learn to control the racket and how the orientation of the racket controls the ball.
Kids increase their confidence through tennis technique development where they master swinging the tennis racket
 Check few examples of our tennis lesson module we describe below. 
Lesson Series 1 - Building A Strong Foundation In Tennis
Mastering the tennis ready position to respond quickly during games, achieving balance and preparing for the tennis stroke easily
Learning the tennis spilt step to respond in a spilt second when the ball returns 
Becoming a forehead expert by executing the right moves, body movement and footwork
Lesson Series 2 - Learning To Hit The Ball Forcefully & Confidently With A Backhand
Fun techniques to achieve a powerful and strong one hand backhand and two hands backhand
Learning to put together the backhand, body movements and backhand to play tennis easily
Lesson Series 3 - Mastering A Powerful Tennis Serve
Discovering the methodology and gripping techniques for a powerful tennis serve
Understanding the correct stance and slice for powerful tennis serve
Putting the pieces together for a backswing and a full swing motion
A secret tennis acceleration tip
Now, you will have noticed a high improvement in your tennis game as you have mastered 3 powerful techniques for playing on the court
Lesson Series 4 - Return Tennis Fundamentals
Critical points on how to position yourself on the court
Anticipating your component's techniques and learning to respond fast 
Practice on hitting back the tennis ball quickly through positioning and strong returning techniques

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