How to choose a tennis racquet?



Tennis rackets come in three basics styles: Ones used for game Improvement, for lower-level players; Tweener, for intermediate players; and Player's, for advanced players. Each racket type offers different manufacturing characteristics to enhance the game of each type of player. Understanding the differences among tennis rackets will help you choose the right frame for your individual game.


Choose a Game Improvement racket if you are a beginner, advanced beginner or senior. These rackets feature a larger head size to provide lesser-skilled players with more hitting area. The rackets also have a longer length, lighter weight and more stiffness.


Choose a Tweener racket if you play the game once a week or more and are playing in a league with an above-average level of success. These rackets have many of the characteristics of Game Improvement rackets, but have slightly smaller heads to increase racket speed so you can generate more power.



Choose a Pro Player's racket if you a highly competitive player with excellent athletic skills. These rackets have the smallest heads of all avaiable at the market, most flexibility and are shorter and heavier than other rackets. They are unforgiving on mis-hits and are made for players who will not have many errant shots and whom are already very consistent in their game play. 

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