If you would be interested to have your child learn to play tennis in an interesting way

 through innovative application of the methodological cardio anaerobic exercises and tennis games


 Tennis Club  IMKA

offers an exciting after school activity for all schools in Sarajevo Area:


approved tennis method


For kids

4 to 14 years old



                                                             QUICK START TENNIS FACTS

Racquets and Balls
 Kids use racquets that are proportionate in length and weight and have a grip that fits their smaller hands.

·For 8 & under, the racquet we use are 19, 21 or 23 inches

·For 10 & under, the racquet we use are 23 or 25 inches

10 -14 use 26 inch racquets and regular size tennis racquet yet lighter in size

Kids play with ball that's sized and paced to their playing abilities.

A regulation tennis ball moves too fast, bounces too high and is too heavy for their smaller racquet. Each age group, therefore, uses a ball better suited to their size and unique playing ability.

·For 8 and Under, a foam ball or a very low compression ball moves slower, bounces lower and travels less distance.

·For 10 and Under, a low compression ball moves a little faster and travels farther than the ball used with the younger group, but it still has a lower bounce than the original.

                    -10 to 14s use green dot ball transitioning into yellow ball


Court Dimensions Nets and Court Set Up
The QuickStart Tennis play format uses courts and nets that are scaled to the size and ability level of young children.

·For 8 and Under, children will play on a court that is 36-feet long and 18-feet wide. The net is 18 feet long and 2-foot, 9-inches in height.


·For 10 and Under, a regulation net is used on the 60-foot court. If you are not using an existing court and net, the net height for the 60-foot court is three feet.

10 to 14s play at the 80foot tennis court.

Match Play and Scoring
The scoring system has been modified as well. Gone is the traditional 15, 30, 40, deuce system.

                 ·For 8 and Under, there are only seven points in a game, so match play is short and sweet.

          Kids play the best of three games; the first to score seven points wins the game.

               The first to win two games wins the match. The longest the match will last is approximately 20 minutes.

              ·For 10 and Under, players should play the best-of-three sets; the first to win four games wins a set.

                For the third set, the first player to win seven points wins the match.

Kids learn and master the basic elements of tennis

• Increase their confidence and create a healthy self-image

• Build exceptional health and fitness

•Loose weight

•Form independence  and competitive spirit  •Develop team and individual excellence in expression

• Develop motoric skills



Tennis lessons are taking place inside of the school premises. Participants are grouped depending on their age, skills level. In winter tennis lessons are taking place inside at the same location.

Group size :

 In order for all participants to master the basics of tennis, our coaches work in small groups 4 kids per one adult. Small group size allows for our coaches to devote enough time to developing the skills of each child. Special attention is given to the learning preferences of each kid and in accordance with his wishes we chose our games. Our coaches work hard but we make sure we have lots of fun.

All our coaches are at least level 2 YMCA afterschool activity supervisors and are excellent teachers and have experience in working with children of all ages, pro athletes and veterans. They have played on professional tour themselves and competed in collegiate athletics in the U.S.A. 

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