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            Best  Kids  Tennis    Sarajevo Day Camps

                                               specifically tailored for kids ages 4 to 16 years old.

Kids are grouped by age and skills in tennis groups .There are kids with zero sport/foreign language knowledge as well as intermediate level kids whom are just getting ready for their first tournament entries and have been exposed to some motoric games and excercises before in both tennis .

Youth Leaders Supervisors   join in to assist coaches  during game play, team building activities, icebreakers and breaks to promise day full with fun , smiles but also hard work and sweat

 Day Camp provides out campers days filled with meeting new friends,learning new skills and connecting with nature through meaningufl outdoor experiences.

Camps at our school are about one thing:SPORTS AND DISCOVERY. Kids are encouraged to  discover their talents,learn new things,make lasting friendships,gain independence and create lifelong memories.



All together we offer 4 to 1  elder kid ratio and guarantee that you can feel safe when leaving your kids at the premises for a whole day .

Front desk service  and  one on one kid vs elder supervision for  emergencies is non stop available at all times .

Lunch we serve  is typical lunch package consisting of hot meal, energy bars, fruits,cut vegies and some cakes.Food allergies should be mentioned communicated to someone at the camp  in advance when signing up a kid.

All equipement is provided for all the participants of the camp.


Typical  day camp schedule :


10am Campers arrival check in/drop off
10-11am Team building activities /Ice Breakers
11-Noon Tennis/Soccer Warm up/ Group
formation/ Skills Assessments
Noon-1pm Basket drills/Technique
improvement /Soccer /Tennis Games
1 -2 pm Language Classes
2-3 pm - Lunch Break/Games in non native
3-4 pm -  Games Learning
/Creative Work Shop Basket Play /Psychological skills



Prices vary depending on what kind of pass you would like.Decide whether you are brining your kid for a full or half day camp.

If you are planning to  bring more than one kid or groups for schools and clubs we have special discounts as usual for more than 2 kids.

Usual price for full day camp per child is 80 KM per day  or if you are signing up group of kids (min 6)60 Tennis Club Members.

Camps start with school end : 15 of June  and  go for whole month of August. 


For more info and sign up for this upcoming weekend call our General Secretary Mrs Azra Bcanin at 062973966.







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