Would you be interested to have your child learn to play tennis in an interesting way through innovative application of the methodological exercises and tennis games? In order for all participants to master the basics of tennis, our coaches work in small groups of 3-6 kids.Small group size allows for our coaches to devote enough time to developing the skills of each child. Special attention is given to the learning preferences of each kid and in accordance with his wishes and those of parents.We work hard but we make sure we have lots of fun.


Our coaches are excellent teachers and have experience in working with children of all ages, pro athletes and veterans. They have played on professional tour themselves and competed in collegiate athletics in the U.S.A.
Our Tennis school provides an opportunity for your child:
•to learn and master the basic elements of tennis
• Adopt and master the basic theoretical and tactical knowledge of the game of tennis.
• increase their confidence and create a healthy self image
• Tennis is especially useful in children because it provides the first steps towards independence
• Tennis is great sport for developing motoric skills.
• Tennis falls into one of the most entertaining sports because tennis develops love for all other kinds of sport activities.
Tennis lessons are taking place 5 times a week at varios times through out the day.Participants are grouped depending on their age,skills level,and their schedules.We try to adjust to the clients needs in scheduling practice on different courts through out Sarajevo,in Hotel Brass,Stup gated community perfect for relaxation and recreation,Kosevo,Zetra,
CONTACT :          062 973 966 or  061 172 694 


Our head coach
Azra Bogucanin
During her collegiate career in the US she played # 1 position for Royals ladies tennis team at Hope International University, private Christian University in Southern California, GSAC Athletic Conference. She played in ITF PRO Tournaments,as well as European and Serbian tournaments, her top ranking in juniors and seniors being # 14 in Serbia and #10 in Belgrade.  She has all together 15 years’ experience in coaching adult and youth tennis in Europe.She has coached and played in several country clubs and youth camps in the Sweden and  US.She has played on Pro ITF Tour and is still competing for the spot in the top 50.

References: AS Tennis Club , Serbia, Belgrade (base club for all the big pro Serbian tennis names Novak Djokovic ,Ana Ivanovic)

2000 Helsingborg Tennis Club, Helsingborg Sweden

2001 GLTK, Goteborg ,Sweden

2004-2008 Sunny Hills Racquet Club, Fullerton, California private lessons and clinic




Individual lessons/One on one with tennis coach

The private lesson is a much more individualized instructional format. This allows the instructor to convey relevant information specifically to your individual way of learning and ability level. Typically private lessons last for 60 minutes however individual lesson can be booked for one hour or more.

Individual lessons are ideal if you need improvement in a specific aspect of your game or if you are absolute beginner. Through our individual lessons we cover proper tennis technique, etiquette, rules, scoring, strategy, and footwork. These lessons are ideal if you need to improve your existing skills or become well rounded in your overall game. /50-70 km per hour 

Group lessons/Tennis practice with 2 to 4 participants total, overseen by our tennis coach

The group lesson is a much more general instruction format to facilitate the groups needs. Group lessons are typically broken down by age and/or ability level. They are less expensive and allow players to meet new people, play lots of games, and get exercise 

*Cost of tennis court included/Flexible scheduling on our  tennis courts /10% monthly discount if you reffer a friend/ 100-250 km per month


Beginner (NTPR 2.5)

If you have never picked up a tennis racquet before this is where you belong. This beginner class is designed to start your game off on the right foot. No matter if your goal is to eventually play competitively or to just give it a try we can get you the knowledge you’ll need to get started. You learn all basic tennis skills necessary to get you up and going.  In this class you will hit a lot of balls and work on muscle memory.


Intermediate (NTPR 3.0-4.0)

If you’re just picking the game up again or are looking to advance yourself beyond the beginner level then this is the place for you. This class is designed to fine tune your strokes and advance you tennis knowledge. Students will do tennis specific drills for half the time and then play live ball games for the remaining half.

Advanced (NTPR 4.0-5.0)

 This advanced class is designed for the best of the best. If you need to be pushed to the ultimate level then this is the place for you. Challenge one of our coaches and get a sparring partner few times a week.









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