Beginner (NTPR 2.5)                 


If you have never picked up a tennis racquet before this is where you belong. This beginner class is designed to start your game off on the right foot. No matter if your goal is to eventually play competitively or to just give it a try we can get you the knowledge you’ll need to get started. You learn all basic tennis skills necessary to get you up and going.  We will help to get your strokes to be technically correct, where you are able to control height, depth and direction of a ball.We will work with you so that your movement on the court is elegant, the movements of arms and legs are synchronized. In this class you will hit a lot of balls and work on muscle memory.



Intermediate (NTPR 3.0-4.0)  

If you’re just picking the game up again or are looking to advance yourself beyond the beginner level then this is the place for you. This class is designed to fine tune your strokes and advance you tennis knowledge. Students will do tennis specific drills for half the time and then play live ball games for the remaining half.



Advanced (NTPR 4.0-5.0)

This advanced class is designed for the best of the best. If you need to be pushed to the ultimate level then this is the place for you. Challenge one of our coaches and get a sparring partner few times a week.


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